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Tantric Sex Techniques to Reinvigorate Lovemaking


Tantric Sex Techniques to Reinvigorate Lovemaking

When you have been making love and having sex with your partner, did you ever have one or more particular experiences where it was unlike no other love making session you have ever had, a kind of moment of sexual ecstasy? Can you remember that? How did you feel? Most couples would say that “deeply connected” was a very accurate statement. Intense sexual experiences with one we love are one of our greatest sources of satisfaction and pleasure. This kind of feeling will never happen with an Athens escort or Athens escorts.

But that said, many people view sex with an equal amount of both fear and fascination. They may long for sexual intimacy but still take great pains to avoid having sex. They want to be touched but they are fearful because of their own vulnerabilities that they expose themselves to by allowing that.

Does that sound like you? In other words, do you long for that kind of passion but you have misplaced the lighter fluid to restart the fire?

The art and practice of Tantra allows one to experience and reclaim the joys of such sexual intimacy. Some may call it erotic, but is erotic a bad thing? No, not at all when it is shared between two people who love each other. Rather, it brings sexual intimacy to new levels, especially using the very ancient art known as Tantra.

What Is Tantra? Tantra has been used for a very long time in many eastern cultures but the art is just starting to gain ground in other parts of the world, including the US. It started in the country of India more than 6000 years ago, starting almost as a rebellion against organized religions, since the religions of that day and time felt that sexuality should be forfeited in order to achieve true enlightenment.

But in stark contrast to the religions of that day, Tantra challenged those beliefs and maintained that “sexuality is a doorway to the divine”.

The word “Tantra” is defined as meaning “to manifest, to expand, to show and to weave”. In that sense, the act of sex is believed to expand one’s consciousness, as well as to weave together the inner souls of the male (represented by the Hindu god, Shiva) and the female (represented by the Hindu goddess, Shakti) into a single harmonious whole.

The real sexual benefit of Tantra allows us to benefit from the sexual wisdom and thoughts of this ancient art. Tantric sexual practices teach us to prolong the act of love making, and to “utilize our orgasmic energies” more completely and effectively. And if you feel you need advice, don’t hesitate to ask (athens escort or athens escorts).

Tantra is also beneficial in unexpected ways, like enhancing one’s health. “Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies for creating health,” says Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”. “By using sexual energy consciously… we can tap into a true source of youth and vitality.”

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