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Five Ways To Boost The Immune System


Five Ways To Boost The Immune System

Give your body the weapons it needs to fight the cold and the flu with proper nutrition, vitamins and a healthy lifestyle.

In the winter it is impossible to avoid those around us when they cough and they are sore. But we can protect ourselves from influenza naturally, thanks to proper nutrition, exercise and sleep.

It is unlikely that the next time you cry, your doctor will write you a recipe for chicken and garlic although they seem to be good in such cases. Research shows that the broth actually benefits, something that was not entirely unknown to our grandmothers. If we consume foods rich in nutrients, drink orange juices and get vitamin supplements we can strengthen our immune system.

Although our body is regularly exposed to over 200 viruses, a healthy lifestyle seems to be the key to fight against colds and flu. When our body is weak, we are more vulnerable to illness. Stress is largely to blame for this weakening of the body and the reduction in its ability to fight illnesses. Of course, it is not at all easy to avoid stress, so the way we deal with it, is extremely important.


Children going to school are constantly exposed to viruses and get sick, so parents are vulnerable to the most sophisticated executives. There has been a lot of evidence for new hyper-foods, such as acai berries, chia seeds, and protein-rich cereals, such as quinoa, and their great nutritional value. However, disease prevention can be done in a simpler way, such as good nutrition, proper rest and regular exercise.

In order to maintain your good health, some simple, good habits are necessary, and we all know that. See below the five keys of prevention for the season of flu that is approaching:

1. Eat foods rich in nutrients

The diet rich in fruits and vegetables of organic farming, whole grains and lean protein stimulates the immune system and prevents illness. Another good tip is to avoid sugar in order to reduce inflammation, as well as fat-rich foods, and drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.


Other common foods with distinct immune enhancement properties are:

  • Honey has antibacterial properties to treat colds, flu and sore throat
  • Garlic helps boost immunity against fungi and bacteria
  • Forest fruits have antioxidant properties that protect the immune system, destroy bacteria and viruses and help fight diseases.
  • Combine different species such as blueberry, strawberries, barberry, elderberry, and more.

2. Exercise for a healthy lifestyle

Work out for 20 to 30 minutes every day, most days of the week. Physical exercise improves immune function by increasing the action of white blood cells that attack the viruses.


3. Find healthy ways to cope with stress

Stress affects, through hormones, the immune system. Fighting stress with yoga, music, walks, frequent laughter and massage, strengthens our immune system.

4. Sleep well

With sleep, the cells are rejuvenated and regenerated while the body is cured and can thus resist the illnesses. Lack of sleep can lead to suppression of the immune system. Most people need seven to eight hours of sleep each night.


5. Dietary Supplements

Vitamins A, C as well as B and D vitamins support immune function. Supplements are supplies that enhance the action of other foods during the flu season.

Vitamin A contains carotene beta and retinol, which are important for immune function. The best sources are carrots, sweet potatoes, melon, mango, green herbs such as spinach and cabbage, red fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and tomatoes.

Vitamin C is the top enhancer of the immune system and has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Foods rich in vitamin C are papaya, strawberries, kiwi, melon, peppers, broccoli, orange and grapefruit.


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